Late Night Snack Post

Hello Everyone!

Its sunday night, and for most of you American bloggers that means one thing …. WORK MONDAY MORNING. Now, this particular Monday won’t be so terrible for me because I have a plethora of new clothes from a shopping trip this weekend so I’ll be feeling fresh.


Even though I’ve been working the same job for only 3 months, I worry that I’m falling into what I like to call a JOB rut. So, I love the job I have right now… it is the PERFECT place for me to be at twenty something years old, but unfortunately it is not in my field of interest so that is exactly what it is to me, a job. I look forward to the weekends and days off….. Everything is turning into a routine, and being in college for 5 years was anything but routine ….. I just worry I’m going to wake up one morning, start drinking coffee, and look forward to the highlight of my day – good water cooler gossip. The ONE thing that I will say about this position is that I get out of work before it gets dark…. For some odd reason, the recent day-light savings time induced darkness that begins around 5 has really affected me. When it gets dark I lose ALL motivation to do anything, leaving my bed … much less my apartment is nothing but a dreadful chore I avoid at all costs. I get about 2 hours of sunlight after work to do what I need to … so I am lucky.  I’ve considered investing in one of those light box’s that supposedly help fight Seasonal Affect Disorder, but I haven’t don’t enough research into the validity of the theory behind it.


I’m sure everyone goes through phases like these, and if any of you would care to share solutions to get out of this rut… I’d LOVE to hear them.


Goodnight blogosphere, sweet dreams.


Talk to me baby!

I’M SORRY! I’ve been having a really weird week – and I think its time to share. SO …. big hollywood news – Cory Monteith died. I lovedddd glee in the beginning and I am not ashamed to admit that I had a mega crush on Finn, he was just your boy next door, quarterback. Tell me ladies, you haven’t once dreamed about what it would have been like to get down with the quarterback of your high school football team? If you haven’t either he was very ugly, or you are lying. There is just something so American about a teenage boy playing football, but I digress and possibly am being a little disrespectful. Anyway, for some odd reason his death has me shaken up a little, and as I’ve tried to explain to my friends … its not exactly that HE specifically died, but that someone so young, with so much potential was just gone .. poof. If you take his addiction out of the equation, objectively he was living the life – he was the star of a hit television show, he had a beautiful girlfriend… I mean, American Dream much? And that is exactly the point I hope people take away from his death – that addiction has NO preference for who it chooses, it doesn’t only happen to the lowly, impoverished, or sad … it can literally affect ANYONE. It is not racist, sexist, classist, ageist …. in other words – there is no human who is immune to addiction.

As I believe with most mental health issues/disorders), it is a combination of genetics and environment. For example – according to statistics, I, personally, am 7x more likely to have a substance abuse problem because of my father and family. This is the genetics, I have the gene that would make becoming an addict both appetizing and efficient. I, however, do not like to drink, I do not surround myself with a lot of people who drink, and this is the environment factor. Although my body wants to be an alcoholic or addict, the environment I’m has prevented this gene from being expressed, allowing me to continue on as a non-addict. This storm of genes and environment conspired against Monteith, creating an addict. Even though by all measures he had no reason to use, and had sought help for substance abuse … something in him that night, some combination of genes and feelings caused him to use, and ultimately caused him to die.

Bizarrely, I’ve been following this pretty closely on twitter, and I noticed an interesting trend. Prior to the release of the autopsy report, universally this was seen as a tragedy. A young, promising, talented star put out before his time. Once it was revealed that his death was caused by drugs and alcohol, the population seemed to split – have remained convinced this was nothing more than a terrible terrible tragedy, the other half all of a sudden adopted the idea that his death was his own fault because he used drugs. This is the most ignorant idea I’ve come across in a long time, and actually angers me. I believe that until you struggle with addiction, you can’t understand why an addict does what they do. I have been fortunate enough not to struggle, and as much as I want to empathize, I will never know what my father went through, and goes through every day. As much as Cory’s friends and family will want to understand, they won’t be able to know why he needed to use.

Now, hopefully you’re all saying … what the f*ck is this twenty-something writing a novel about a teen show star …. its something I HAD to get off my chest … and my friends just don’t understand. As I travel through what I believe Erikson calls the individuality vs. autonomy stage of psychosocial development, I realize that I have to formulate opinions on important things in my life, specifically, death. I’ve lost two very important people in my life, my grandmother and my god father/uncle. In both circumstances the “end” was fairly drawn out. My uncle had stage four, metastatic Melanoma…. basically meaning he had skin cancer that eventually traveled to every other part of him, it took about 1 1/2 years to kill him. My grandmother (who I’ve yet to introduce to you, BUT WILL) was diagnosed with Alzheimers when I was 15 and she died when I was 22. This provided me with the unique opportunity to mourn and grieve them before they were actually gone. It probably sounds crazy – I’d say my grandmother lost mental acuity about 2 year after the diagnosis … giving me 4 years where her body was there, but her mind, what essentially made her.. her, was long gone. After a blow up with my mother, my uncle stopped talking to me, which allowed me to distance myself from what is what going to be like when he died. I took both deaths hard, but I felt it was easier because I had so much time to prepare. In the case of Monteith, and I specifically remember feeling this way when I watched Selena, it was instant, unexpected and there is no way to prepare for it. It’s a “one second you’re there, one second you’re not” kind of situation and that REALLY freaks me out. I pray that I never have to experience a loss that way, and my heart TRULY goes out to those who have experienced it.


OKAY! Drug/Death rant = OVER.

What’s going on in my life you ask? Well ladies and gentlemen, I am taking one giant leap off of the unemployment line. I have obtained a job with a law firm!!!! I mean, a girl who wants to go into legal/forensic psychology…. working at a law firm!!!!!!!!! The lawyer I will be working for is a BOSS LADY. She can’t be older than 30, she has her own firm… WITH AN OFFICE in a city nearby. I really think that she could be a role model for me, even though she may not know it yet.

I don’t really know, but I feel like begging for comments is the equivalent of fishing for compliments but people – I want to know who you are! I want to speak to you!! The whole reason I started this blog was so that I could hear what other people think of my ramblings, the real stuff – not the censored stuff I give to my friends and family. If you think I’m interesting, or stupid … naive or ignorant, funny or charming … TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Good Day Mates!Today was an excellent day! I

Good Day Mates!

Today was an excellent day! I had two interviews, and I don’t want to jinx myself but I think they went well! One was at a law firm, about a 20 min drive away. I LOVED it! Its a small firm that handles primarily estate planning – and the woman I interviewed with was such a smart, well-composed woman – definitely someone to look up to. The interview lasted about 40 minutes, and I sent a follow up thank you (I’ve heard this makes you stick out to possible employers). The second one was odd – there was a mix up with addresses so I was almost late. He gave me an application that was not in any language I could recognize, I said ” I can’t fill this out, its not in english” to which he replied “you can speak spanish can’t you?” …. ” this isn’t in spanish either” …. “we just like to make sure that you’re paying attention”. It’s a pretty large company – it has branches all over the states as well as development branches internationally. He explained there is a large possibility for job advancement as well as the chance to make upwards of $30 an hour. I would start as a part time employee and possibly become full time in the future.


I am feeling really good. I needed a boost after all the anxiety and dramatics at my last job. This gives me something to look forward to, a job that can utilize some of the skills I worked so hard developing.

I have another interview tomorrow at 3pm. It’s a little odd because it’s a residence (business assistant), but I am not going to miss an opportunity. I’m assuming this woman owns her own business and it would be in a informal environment… or something like that. I decided that if I get a bad feeling when I get there then I just won’t go inside. I would say that someone should alert the authorities if you don’t hear from me, but there’s a good chance I could go on another blog dry spell. I’ll make sure to update tomorrow for any of you concerned readers.

okay, its getting lame now. i’ll try out a few sign offs.

catcha’ later loves (MEH…. i already hate it)

Gimme that money!

Happy happy update! I have two more interviews for tomorrow! One for a law firm, one for a computer company – both administrative assistant jobs. I really think that for now I will enjoy that – I like office work, answering phones, interacting with customers … I think I can enjoy that until graduate school, and possibly during.

I am definitely nervous! The “interview” for my kennel job didn’t go that smoothly. I showed up overdressed, walked around the yards and waited for him to get off the phone. I realize this is not how typical interviews go, and I hope that I can rock these ones. The next problem I have is deciding which job to take, if I get offered any of the jobs. Both pay approximately the same – between $10 and $15, the hours seem awesome. The only difference is the traveling time – one is 10 minutes away, one is 30 minutes away.

Wish me luck!


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Put your reading glasses on.


Man – this past week has been intolerable. First off – Happy Fourth of July to everyone (yeah yeah, im 4 days late, I know). I’m gonna break with down by day because just too many things have happened.

So I’m pretty sure I posted about my schedule for last week and how I was scheduled for so many hours, called my boss and he took off a shift – OF course he doesn’t take off the dreaded Sunday but it was whatev’s.

Sunday – No work (from previous weeks schedule)

Monday – No work

Tuesday – work, only 4 people showed up. At my job, when there are a lot of dogs, typically there will be two people in each yard as opposed to one. Since it was the holiday week, we will filled to capacity every day … which mean 2 people needed to be in each yard. 2 (small) + 2 (big) = 4 employees in the yard…. now what do you supposed happened when only 4 people showed up for work? The rest of the work (feeding, cleaning the cages, bringing and taking out dogs) couldn’t get completed. AH just so frustrating but as I’m finding out, with min wage jobs like this… its about the paycheck not the quality of work you are putting in.

Wednesday – Work. Of course I’m scheduled with the woman who used to be a manager but got demoted and now feels she is too good to work with us peasants. What does that mean? Well she might as well not be there, we have to pick up her slack. Needless to say I came home exhausted and grumpy.

Thursday – FOURTH OF JULY! WOOOHOOO. No work! Sarah and I went to my parents for a day of swimming and catching up with my family. Almost the whole gang was there – cousins, aunts, family friends… it really was a good time. Granted, the food spread could have been better but you can’t expect that from the cuisinely challenged woman known as my step mother. Tony had to work all day, but I got to spend some very tired time with him that night.

Friday – Work & Paycheck. Now, I’m almost positive this a universal feeling – NOTHING feels worse than expecting to get one amount of money from a paycheck, and receiving substantially less. I’m not one of those people who particularly care about talking about income – I get the whole comparison thing that happens and the “i make more than you’s” but honestly I couldn’t care. At this point in my life, the amount of money I make has no correlation to the type of person I am, my potential or anything important. SO, I should mention that I am terrible at math – I never calculate the right amounts in my head – so I was guessing I’d get around $430-450 (thats take home – I have no idea what formula my head used to calculate the taxes that everyone dreads so much but apparently weren’t so bad for me) and I ended up getting around $340. WOMP WOMP.

For those of you who are, were, or know psychology majors, you may have heard of locus’ of control. Basically this concepts breaks people into two categories. Internal locus of control – essentially, things happen because of you, you believe you are the source of your problems, and equally the source of your success. External locus of control – essentially things happen to you, others are the source of your problem, but not always for your success. A common example of these locus’ occur when you receive a bad grade on a test. ILC’s would say “I didn’t study hard enough for this test” while ELC’s would say “The teacher hates me, and therefore I got a bad grade.” I am VERY MUCH an ILC – almost to a fault. I truly believe almost everything is some how my fault, and I have the catholic guilt to accompany it.

This is one of the first times I can remember where I solely blamed SOMEONE for this happening to me. I was convinced he cheated me out of hours, he was punishing me for not wanting more days… whatever his reason was … he stole from me. I cried for a while and then came to my senses and did the math (with a calculator) factoring in when we left early, and breaks and realized it was absolutely accurate. This would be the paycheck I would be receiving every two weeks for picking up dog poop. So lets say that’s when the discontent wheel started turning.

Saturday – Reeling from the teeny tiny paycheck I received, I decided that if I was going to get so little, I was going to work when I wanted (I imagine this is a generational mind frame – I think I’m called a MILLENNIAL).

Some characteristics of my generation –

  • we are impatient (TRUE)
  • short attention span (TRUE)
  • we don’t want to grow up (although I’d like to say FALSE …. it true)
  • we all believe we will be famous (with the invention of youtube, I’d say thats probably true)
  • but the best characteristic I’ve heard is that we don’t want to get jobs, we want to make our own jobs (ABSOLUTELY true) – I’ve exhibited this by creating a media manager position for my family company.

I decided that I would work 4 days a week, so I could get another job and make some real “paper”. I presented this idea to him, which he QUICKLY shot down. At this point I decided I was going to get another job. After speaking with my father, we decided that I wouldn’t quit until I got another job so I hit Craigslist and applied to everything I saw, and got an interview for Wednesday. I took a deep breath, and decided to go own working at least until Wednesday.

Sunday– I put on my big girl pants, and went into work facing an entire day shift. I hadn’t received my schedule the night before which I found to be odd. Of course my imagination ran away thinking I didn’t get my schedule because he was going to fire me, then my logical side convinced myself that he was busy and didn’t get a chance to send it. I was wrong. I walk in and there it is, a copy of the schedule hanging on the dry erase board … which means that someone had to receive the schedule to print it out and place it there. I look and my name, and instantly figure out why he didn’t send me a copy … its because he has scheduled me to work 7 days… all afternoon shifts. It was at that point that I knew without a doubt I was leaving this job, and it took everything in me not to just walk out at 6:20 and never look back. Luckily, unlike a lot of my generation I was taught manners and decided to wait until my shift was over, call and let him know I would no longer be working there. My finger nails (or lack of) explain just how nervous I was to make this phone call … I mean this was my first job, all I hear about is this economy and how hard it is to find a job, and the thought of having to ask my dad for money made me cringe, but I realized that for the past month I woke up dreading my job, dreading the day …. and I worked way too hard in college to put myself in that position in my life (call it millennial fever if you want, but that is something I truly believe) I spent 5 years, and a LOT of money on an education to ensure that I wouldn’t have to work at a job that makes me hate life.

So 11:00, end of shift comes around and this is it…. I have to do this or I’d be stuck with a 7 day shift (I know technically I should have given him two weeks notice, but considering my impending schedule, I couldn’t deal with 14 days of the worst shifts). I called him, it started off pretty civil … I explained that I would no longer be working at his company, but I very much appreciated the chance to work there. And then it got nasty, he asked if I would be giving him two weeks to find a replacement, and I said unfortunately I couldn’t, he said whatever … grunted … and hung up. It left a sour feeling in my stomach, and I spend much of yesterday in an anxiety ridden haze. For some odd reason I had a sinking feeling that I was going to get into some kind of trouble, I have no idea who would be doling out the punishment, but I felt like one was coming. I just keep repeating to myself – you aren’t the first person to quit your job, and you could have been MORE inconsiderate… For example – I’ve heard of people just not showing up, calling right before a shift…. I gave him almost a day to find a replacement, and a lot of people were looking for more hours.

That leads up to TODAY!

Monday – Woke up feeling good today! I slept until about 9, and didn’t wake up with a sense of dread for the oncoming day. I’m still not feeling great about jumping back into unemployment. This cleared a little while ago when I scheduled TWO interviews for this week. 1 on tuesday! 1 on wednesday! They are both for administrative assistant positions, which is something I can see myself really enjoying. I like interacting with people, organizing and helping others. I plan to do that until fingers crossed I get into graduate school. Also, one of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend, which I would have had to work during, and now I can spend time with her!!!

One common issue I had during this whole week was my dad. I am learning as I get older, he gets more distant …. and I’m not sure if its a combination of whats going on with him, or its just how he was treated when he was growing up. I just need his support sometimes, and he doesn’t understand that he can disagree with me, and support me at the same time. His opinion on this situation was that I should have waited to get another job before I quit my current one, which I agreed with to some extent. Unfortunately things didn’t play out that way, and he preferred to dwell on how I didn’t take his advice, instead of understanding why I did it, and supporting me as a person. A simple it’s going to be okay can really change a persons outlook, and sometimes I just need that from him but he doesn’t know how to give me that support. Luckily, both my mother and my step mother were incredibly supportive and both made me feel okay about the decision I made. I guess when one parent checks out, the other checks in. I just wish they would give me that schedule so i wouldn’t have to find out which parent has checked in the hard way.

I figure this post is long enough, you don’t need to meet anyone today. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to another key player in the life of bbtwentysomething.

(I need to think of some witty sign off catch phrase – any advice is welcome!)

Work Grind

Hello Blog World!
Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I have the afternoon shift at work and I just wanted to say hello, and wish me luck! The holiday week means a packed house, so it’s about 63 dogs in total. Super happy to see all the puppies, lets just pray the humping keeps to a minimum. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll post again when I get out around 7:30.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!