Late Night Snack Post

Hello Everyone!

Its sunday night, and for most of you American bloggers that means one thing …. WORK MONDAY MORNING. Now, this particular Monday won’t be so terrible for me because I have a plethora of new clothes from a shopping trip this weekend so I’ll be feeling fresh.


Even though I’ve been working the same job for only 3 months, I worry that I’m falling into what I like to call a JOB rut. So, I love the job I have right now… it is the PERFECT place for me to be at twenty something years old, but unfortunately it is not in my field of interest so that is exactly what it is to me, a job. I look forward to the weekends and days off….. Everything is turning into a routine, and being in college for 5 years was anything but routine ….. I just worry I’m going to wake up one morning, start drinking coffee, and look forward to the highlight of my day – good water cooler gossip. The ONE thing that I will say about this position is that I get out of work before it gets dark…. For some odd reason, the recent day-light savings time induced darkness that begins around 5 has really affected me. When it gets dark I lose ALL motivation to do anything, leaving my bed … much less my apartment is nothing but a dreadful chore I avoid at all costs. I get about 2 hours of sunlight after work to do what I need to … so I am lucky.  I’ve considered investing in one of those light box’s that supposedly help fight Seasonal Affect Disorder, but I haven’t don’t enough research into the validity of the theory behind it.


I’m sure everyone goes through phases like these, and if any of you would care to share solutions to get out of this rut… I’d LOVE to hear them.


Goodnight blogosphere, sweet dreams.


Let’s try this again. FIRST BLOG POST.

So, I have to admit this isn’t my first attempt at a WordPress blog. About three months ago I started my FIRST blog WOOHOO!, and as with most attempts at documenting whats going on in my head, it lasted about three very eager days (I’m talking like 5 or 6 posts a day). I’m one of those people who really wish they had a cool blog, actually not even a cool blog but one that lasts longer than a bikini wax. I also had a lot of weird privacy issues – like trying to change the names of everyone i know … and then actually remember those fake names or setting it to private, than password protected, then remembering I won’t… and can’t remember the passwords so I changed it back to private. It was as if I actually thought every person I knew was going to read it, see how I really feel about them and never talk to me again. This time, I’m going to be brave – I’ve created a fairly elusive blog name, and created a new email because well, my personal email is my full name (remember in the 90’s, or in the aol dial-up era when it was terrible to post ANY personal information online for fear that all of the burglars, kidnappers and murders would meet you in a chat room, learn your complete identity from your screenname and come get ya!?) and therefore I will be making this a public blog, and I’m going to try out this tagging business. The vanity in me thinks that someone will find it amusing, but my expectations are that I will be the only one amused by these ramblings.

So I’m a twenty-something (it just sounds to chic not to abuse) and I have a family that annoys me, a boyfriend who I’d love to, a pretty rad roommate, two badass cats, a job working with dogs and a bizarre obsession with sharks.

You’ll come to meet and learn about each aspect eventually – if I can keep this blog going.

(as a psychology major, polls make me enthusiastic so if you decide to read this, look for LOTS OF POLLS)