Wake Up In the Morning Feeling like …. shit.

Well WordPressers – ya almost lost me!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought – man I should really write a post today … but between being a lazy millennial and a busy pseudo-businesswoman… lets just say my free time consists of little other than Netflix, my couch and my cats.

Happy two weeks and two days into 2014!

So my goal for this year is not to lose 100 lbs, or a “new and improved” me… all I want is to feel healthy.

This is how my day goes now

1. wake up – ALWAYS tired

2. drink red bull (gratuitous amounts)

3. get ready (hair clothes makeup)

4. drive to work (drinking red bull, smoking cigarettes)

5. work – sit in front of computer, eating, drinking … MORE RED BULL, counting the minutes until i die (JUST KIDDING)

6. drive home from work (usually i don’t stop for another red bull, i think we’re up to about 4 at this point)

7. park myself on the couch

8. watch TOO much Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH

9. order in (typically pizza, Chinese or whatever will deliver to my fat ass)

10. watch more T.V

11. get serious FOMO at around 11 (fear of missing out)

12. finally go to sleep around 1:30



So, as any 2 year old could see – the reason I don’t feel healthy is because I don’t LIVE  a healthy life style. The one problem I have with the “getting healthy” kick is that there are probably 103231326143614361435 ways to do said task.

Do I diet ? If so – weight watchers? south beach? my own diet? just eat less? try to figure out what “counting calories” is?

Do I exercise? Obviously yes but how? – gym membership (expensive), running/walking (this girl has a rack on her, so running it basically like getting punched in the face 1000 times), yoga (anyone who does yoga makes me hate myself), or I could always break out the copy of Carmen Electra’s stripperobics that my old roommate so kindly left behind.

One thing that is blatantly obvious is that I HAVE to stop drinking red bull, even sitting here at my desk with an 8.4 oz can staring back at me … I know I shouldn’t drink it, but I’m going to anyway.  It has absolutely stopped having its intended effect on me, for example – I am drank one at around 11:20 last night and was able to go to sleep.

So here is the question I pose to the wordpress world – what makes you FEEL HEALTHY??


Help Me Please!

Hello bloggers and bloggettes,

 Post two on day two but I can’t help it – I need advice!

I just got a new job, and I should point out, my first job about three weeks ago. Its at a kennel, and I am technically a full time employee (30-40 hours a week). Typically I work about 30 hours, with two days off. This week we are particularly busy because of the holiday so I was scheduled for about 43 hours (3 hours of overtime, on top of an extra 10 hours with only one day off). I immediately got SUPER overwhelmed, cried, had a panic attack and made the decision to call my boss to check if it was correct. He explained that he didn’t think I would mind extra hours, and that the holiday was time and a half. I said okay, hung up and proceeded to cry more. After consoling from my boyfriend and roommate, I called back and explained that I wanted to be honest, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of hours – he quickly told me that he would switch me with someone so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Shortly after he called to confirm I received the email with the new schedule and HOORAY! I have two days off.

Now, you would think I’d be happy right? Well you’re wrong. For the first time this week I was scheduled to work on Sunday, an all day shift. I dread seeing my name in that slot, and I assumed that since I had the same schedule for two weeks that I was set and NOT working on Sunday. As unhappy as I am, I will work this Sunday. The knot in my stomach is that this may become permanent …. I have about 1000 reasons that it probably won’t – he said this schedule was for the busy holiday week, two extra people are scheduled for Sunday or at least I think two people – I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out the pattern. I just have my fingers crossed that I won’t be scheduled for Sundays on a permanent basis ya know?


So here’s where I need the advice possible employers or employees – did I make a huge mistake calling my boss and asking for less hours? AND just a matter of opinion – do you think I’ll be scheduled for Sundays normally…. I could do a poll but I’d like to get some comments and start a conversation. You can be TOTALLY honest – I’m tough and pretty logical.