If there is one holiday I am systematically unenthusiastic about – its valentine’s day. “But BB, you have a boyfriend! why would you hate valentines day?!”. I’ve hated it since I was little, and I hate it now.

To start – I HATE the color red.

1. If you’re single – you are stuck listening, and thanks to social media, looking at how “wonderful” someones “baby” or “honey” was. NEWFLASH: if Valentines is  the only time you talk about how great your sweetie is  – he probably isn’t that great.

2. If you’re in a relationship – I don’t care what any girl says, its a competition. What your boyfriend does for you means nothing if it is not better than what your best friends boyfriend did for her. If you happen to be the lucky winner of this subconscious competition – great. If not – all of a sudden your sweet, wonderful boyfriend turns into a selfish, thoughtless jerk. I DO NOT ENVY MEN ON THIS HOLIDAY. 

3. If you are married – Valentines day is probably just another reason for you to get angry at your spouse for being forgetful. Let’s get real – if you are an actual adult (job, kids, bills, responsibilities) and you happen to remember Valentines day, or even bigger, manage to get a present for your spouse on valentines day – its a win in my book.

So, truthfully there is no good position to be in, on Valentines day. You deal with the stress and pressure of impressing your significant other (and many times, outshining their friends) for one singular day that will quickly be forgotten. Does anyone ever look back on life and say – wow remember that one really amazing valentines day?!

My boyfriend is a mediocre present giver to begin with – he is just uninspired by the idea of finding the perfect item for me, whereas I relish the challenge to think about what he likes at the point in time, narrow down something he would life, decide if its for pleasure or necessity and then make the purchase. He goes into the store – usually within 72 hours of the occasion, and thinks of any random thing I’ve mentioned (whether i want it or not) and grabs it. I made the terrible mistake of mentioning I enjoyed the children’s movie Cars – and for 5 years I received Cars-related gifts (when I said I liked the movie, I clearly should have said “I can tolerate this movie without wanting to rip out of my hair”). We have moved passed the Cars obsession, although his family will pepper in a few gag gifts at the holidays.

I have to admit – I have no idea what to get him for Valentines day, yet another reason I hate this holiday. There are about 4 widely accepted gifts for valentines day

1. Chocolate

2. Stuffed Animals – since he’s a MAN and not 6 1/2 years old, I think its obvious I should stay away from stuffed animals

3. Flowers – while my boyfriend really appreciates flowers, I think he’d be a little thrown off by me getting him flowers (plus the ones I got would probably be better than the ones he got me)

4. Sex stuff

So that leaves chocolate, and sex stuff – or a combo of the two. While I feel that chocolate is a pedestrian, easy-way-out kind of gift …. men don’t think that way. And it doesn’t matter what day it is – sex stuff always wins with my guy. The idea of a night that is shrouded in eroticism, with new “clothes” and  “toys” to play with … that’s the golden ticket.

I just want to make it through this stress-filled week with all my hair, and my sanity in tact. I’ll probably venture to Victoria Secret – where the only secret is how they can change $50 dollars for underwear that doesn’t cover anything…. and find something that will make me regret the fries I’m eating for lunch AND hate myself at the same time.

I’m sure there are 3,000 other reasons why I hate valentines day – but the one’s I’ve listed should get even the most romantic cupids to realize what a dumb holiday it is. Bah Lovebug!


Late Night Snack Post

Hello Everyone!

Its sunday night, and for most of you American bloggers that means one thing …. WORK MONDAY MORNING. Now, this particular Monday won’t be so terrible for me because I have a plethora of new clothes from a shopping trip this weekend so I’ll be feeling fresh.


Even though I’ve been working the same job for only 3 months, I worry that I’m falling into what I like to call a JOB rut. So, I love the job I have right now… it is the PERFECT place for me to be at twenty something years old, but unfortunately it is not in my field of interest so that is exactly what it is to me, a job. I look forward to the weekends and days off….. Everything is turning into a routine, and being in college for 5 years was anything but routine ….. I just worry I’m going to wake up one morning, start drinking coffee, and look forward to the highlight of my day – good water cooler gossip. The ONE thing that I will say about this position is that I get out of work before it gets dark…. For some odd reason, the recent day-light savings time induced darkness that begins around 5 has really affected me. When it gets dark I lose ALL motivation to do anything, leaving my bed … much less my apartment is nothing but a dreadful chore I avoid at all costs. I get about 2 hours of sunlight after work to do what I need to … so I am lucky.  I’ve considered investing in one of those light box’s that supposedly help fight Seasonal Affect Disorder, but I haven’t don’t enough research into the validity of the theory behind it.


I’m sure everyone goes through phases like these, and if any of you would care to share solutions to get out of this rut… I’d LOVE to hear them.


Goodnight blogosphere, sweet dreams.

Good Day Mates!Today was an excellent day! I

Good Day Mates!

Today was an excellent day! I had two interviews, and I don’t want to jinx myself but I think they went well! One was at a law firm, about a 20 min drive away. I LOVED it! Its a small firm that handles primarily estate planning – and the woman I interviewed with was such a smart, well-composed woman – definitely someone to look up to. The interview lasted about 40 minutes, and I sent a follow up thank you (I’ve heard this makes you stick out to possible employers). The second one was odd – there was a mix up with addresses so I was almost late. He gave me an application that was not in any language I could recognize, I said ” I can’t fill this out, its not in english” to which he replied “you can speak spanish can’t you?” …. ” this isn’t in spanish either” …. “we just like to make sure that you’re paying attention”. It’s a pretty large company – it has branches all over the states as well as development branches internationally. He explained there is a large possibility for job advancement as well as the chance to make upwards of $30 an hour. I would start as a part time employee and possibly become full time in the future.


I am feeling really good. I needed a boost after all the anxiety and dramatics at my last job. This gives me something to look forward to, a job that can utilize some of the skills I worked so hard developing.

I have another interview tomorrow at 3pm. It’s a little odd because it’s a residence (business assistant), but I am not going to miss an opportunity. I’m assuming this woman owns her own business and it would be in a informal environment… or something like that. I decided that if I get a bad feeling when I get there then I just won’t go inside. I would say that someone should alert the authorities if you don’t hear from me, but there’s a good chance I could go on another blog dry spell. I’ll make sure to update tomorrow for any of you concerned readers.

okay, its getting lame now. i’ll try out a few sign offs.

catcha’ later loves (MEH…. i already hate it)