“Craigslist Killed”


I have my third, and as of right now, last interview today at 3pm. Here’s the situation –

I applied to this job (business assistant) on Craigslist. Shortly after I got an email from a woman asking if I was available for an interview to which i replied yes. We scheduled one for today, and she gave me the address where I should go for the interview and underneath it says “this is a residence”.

The first thing that popped into my naive mind was that she owns her own business which she probably runs out of her house. The realists in my life (Tony, Sarah, Dad) quickly reminded me that I could get “craigslist killed”, and that it was very bizarre that she wanted me to meet her at a house. Now, I am in my 20’s, I tower over most people I know at 5’11… unless weapons were involved, I am confident that if I encountered a problem with this woman, I at least have the ability to get myself out of a situation. Do you see how far ahead of myself I get? This is what happens when people tell me the bad of a situation. Sometimes, I elect to be naive. When I got the email, because I am an intelligent educated human, of course the dangers of the situation flashed across my head. The actual danger in thinking this way is that you miss out on things because you are scared. What if this is an excellent opportunity for me and I don’t get to experience it because of the small chance this woman is a serial killer (THE ODDS OF ANY WOMAN BEING A SERIAL KILLER ARE SO LOW). So my father and I came to a happy compromise. I would e-mail her, and ask to speak with her on the phone before the interview, I wouldn’t mention the craigslist killed thing, I just explained I’d like to learn a little more about the work she does. If she says no, or doesn’t respond (i.e i get a phone call), I won’t go to the interview. If she does and I feel comfortable after speaking with her, I will go. The other thing that makes me thing this situation is legit, is that she lives in a rich neighborhood – now I’m not saying rich people aren’t crazy psychopaths also, one could argue that it takes the skills of a sociopath to acquire such quantities of money, but I’d feel better walking into a mansion than a shack with broken windows – ohh the way society has shaped the way I think astounds even me sometimes.

And now we wait for the phone call.



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