Good Day Mates!Today was an excellent day! I

Good Day Mates!

Today was an excellent day! I had two interviews, and I don’t want to jinx myself but I think they went well! One was at a law firm, about a 20 min drive away. I LOVED it! Its a small firm that handles primarily estate planning – and the woman I interviewed with was such a smart, well-composed woman – definitely someone to look up to. The interview lasted about 40 minutes, and I sent a follow up thank you (I’ve heard this makes you stick out to possible employers). The second one was odd – there was a mix up with addresses so I was almost late. He gave me an application that was not in any language I could recognize, I said ” I can’t fill this out, its not in english” to which he replied “you can speak spanish can’t you?” …. ” this isn’t in spanish either” …. “we just like to make sure that you’re paying attention”. It’s a pretty large company – it has branches all over the states as well as development branches internationally. He explained there is a large possibility for job advancement as well as the chance to make upwards of $30 an hour. I would start as a part time employee and possibly become full time in the future.


I am feeling really good. I needed a boost after all the anxiety and dramatics at my last job. This gives me something to look forward to, a job that can utilize some of the skills I worked so hard developing.

I have another interview tomorrow at 3pm. It’s a little odd because it’s a residence (business assistant), but I am not going to miss an opportunity. I’m assuming this woman owns her own business and it would be in a informal environment… or something like that. I decided that if I get a bad feeling when I get there then I just won’t go inside. I would say that someone should alert the authorities if you don’t hear from me, but there’s a good chance I could go on another blog dry spell. I’ll make sure to update tomorrow for any of you concerned readers.

okay, its getting lame now. i’ll try out a few sign offs.

catcha’ later loves (MEH…. i already hate it)


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