Gimme that money!

Happy happy update! I have two more interviews for tomorrow! One for a law firm, one for a computer company – both administrative assistant jobs. I really think that for now I will enjoy that – I like office work, answering phones, interacting with customers … I think I can enjoy that until graduate school, and possibly during.

I am definitely nervous! The “interview” for my kennel job didn’t go that smoothly. I showed up overdressed, walked around the yards and waited for him to get off the phone. I realize this is not how typical interviews go, and I hope that I can rock these ones. The next problem I have is deciding which job to take, if I get offered any of the jobs. Both pay approximately the same – between $10 and $15, the hours seem awesome. The only difference is the traveling time – one is 10 minutes away, one is 30 minutes away.

Wish me luck!


(still no catchphrase signoff haha)


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