Help Me Please!

Hello bloggers and bloggettes,

 Post two on day two but I can’t help it – I need advice!

I just got a new job, and I should point out, my first job about three weeks ago. Its at a kennel, and I am technically a full time employee (30-40 hours a week). Typically I work about 30 hours, with two days off. This week we are particularly busy because of the holiday so I was scheduled for about 43 hours (3 hours of overtime, on top of an extra 10 hours with only one day off). I immediately got SUPER overwhelmed, cried, had a panic attack and made the decision to call my boss to check if it was correct. He explained that he didn’t think I would mind extra hours, and that the holiday was time and a half. I said okay, hung up and proceeded to cry more. After consoling from my boyfriend and roommate, I called back and explained that I wanted to be honest, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of hours – he quickly told me that he would switch me with someone so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Shortly after he called to confirm I received the email with the new schedule and HOORAY! I have two days off.

Now, you would think I’d be happy right? Well you’re wrong. For the first time this week I was scheduled to work on Sunday, an all day shift. I dread seeing my name in that slot, and I assumed that since I had the same schedule for two weeks that I was set and NOT working on Sunday. As unhappy as I am, I will work this Sunday. The knot in my stomach is that this may become permanent …. I have about 1000 reasons that it probably won’t – he said this schedule was for the busy holiday week, two extra people are scheduled for Sunday or at least I think two people – I would drive myself crazy trying to figure out the pattern. I just have my fingers crossed that I won’t be scheduled for Sundays on a permanent basis ya know?


So here’s where I need the advice possible employers or employees – did I make a huge mistake calling my boss and asking for less hours? AND just a matter of opinion – do you think I’ll be scheduled for Sundays normally…. I could do a poll but I’d like to get some comments and start a conversation. You can be TOTALLY honest – I’m tough and pretty logical.



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