Keep it going

Well followers, we’ve made it to day two – I doubt that’s a milestone in the blogosphere (ALWAYS WANTED TO USE THAT IN AN ACTUAL SENTENCE), but its a pretty big milestone for me. To top that off, I have 5 followers so my blog self esteem is at an all time high. Now I just have to manage to make myself seem interesting – the real challenge.

I figure each post I’ll introduce you to a person/animal, that way when I do talk about them (most likely gossip about them) you’ll have a little background as followers. Now, if we were to go in order of importance you would probably expect me to pick my boyfriend and you would be right – but I want to introduce you to my father, another key player in the game of bb twentysomething.

So, my dad stands at about 6’3, 250 lbs with a thick Bronx accent. For approximately 35 years of his life, my father was a raging alcoholic (and he’s only 50 …. they started them early back then). Cue typical Irish stereotype. Now, when I say raging I don’t mean angry raging, or mean raging … I just mean that this mofo’ could out-drink the best of them. He married my mother when he was 24, and divorced her when he was 28. I was born somewhere in the middle – and became a “victim” of his drinking as I’ve been told my whole life. Truthfully, I was a baby when they got divorced so I didn’t experience the typical dysfunctional child of divorce  feelings or behavior that you see in older kids (please do not think that I am in any way taking away from the pain a divorce brings a child, I’m simply saying I didn’t experience it). Because of this, you won’t hear (or see i guess) me complaining about my absent father and all the damage its caused me – because at least consciously it hasn’t. I am not a slutty girl with daddy issues, nor am I lost or longing for affection – my boyfriend looks and acts NOTHING like my father so I’m not fulfilling some sort of oedipal complex. I turned out relatively “normal”, really unaffected by the situation I was born into. I love my parents, and to the dismay of my mother, I do not resent or hate my father … in fact I moved in with him when I was 17, and lived with him until I went to college. Less about the alcohol, more about the man – My dad has a unique personality that is a storm of lack of affection from HIS parents, and his experiences as an alcoholic. He is crass, obscene, rude, condescending, belittling, arrogant and stubborn but in the best ways possible. It may seem like a bad combination – but it actually turns out to be quite humorous.

I am incredibly attached to my dad, and I consider him the most important person. As you will learn later, my mother leaves much to be desired, so I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life. He got re-married, and that situation is quite Cinderellian but I am learning to deal with it.  – thats my dad in a nutshell

my boyfriend and roommate want me off my computer – this happens A L O T.

Check back tomorrow to see if the dream is still alive.



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