Let’s try this again. FIRST BLOG POST.

So, I have to admit this isn’t my first attempt at a WordPress blog. About three months ago I started my FIRST blog WOOHOO!, and as with most attempts at documenting whats going on in my head, it lasted about three very eager days (I’m talking like 5 or 6 posts a day). I’m one of those people who really wish they had a cool blog, actually not even a cool blog but one that lasts longer than a bikini wax. I also had a lot of weird privacy issues – like trying to change the names of everyone i know … and then actually remember those fake names or setting it to private, than password protected, then remembering I won’t… and can’t remember the passwords so I changed it back to private. It was as if I actually thought every person I knew was going to read it, see how I really feel about them and never talk to me again. This time, I’m going to be brave – I’ve created a fairly elusive blog name, and created a new email because well, my personal email is my full name (remember in the 90’s, or in the aol dial-up era when it was terrible to post ANY personal information online for fear that all of the burglars, kidnappers and murders would meet you in a chat room, learn your complete identity from your screenname and come get ya!?) and therefore I will be making this a public blog, and I’m going to try out this tagging business. The vanity in me thinks that someone will find it amusing, but my expectations are that I will be the only one amused by these ramblings.

So I’m a twenty-something (it just sounds to chic not to abuse) and I have a family that annoys me, a boyfriend who I’d love to, a pretty rad roommate, two badass cats, a job working with dogs and a bizarre obsession with sharks.

You’ll come to meet and learn about each aspect eventually – if I can keep this blog going.

(as a psychology major, polls make me enthusiastic so if you decide to read this, look for LOTS OF POLLS)


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